Helmut Peterseim Strickwaren GmbH manufactures high-quality knitted products on behalf of customers and for its own collections under the GEORG MAIER label. Around 60 employees work at our company headquarters in Mühlhausen.

Qualified staff, short distances and a fully integrated production with flat knitting machines (3 E to 12 E) make us a reliable partner for our customers. Whether designer jackets made of merino wool or technical knitwear – our customers associate our work with the highest quality and an all-round service. Pattern making, knitting, finishing, steaming, cutting, packing, shipping … – we do everything in-house, in the middle of Germany and close to our customers. Everything “Made in Germany”.

Qualitätskontrolle Strickwaren

Textile tradition and sustainability

  • 1762

    First mention as a cloth factory

    At our company location in Erfurter Straße 3, there was once a cloth factory that maintained delivery relations from Thuringia to Genoa, Naples, Prague, Trieste, Venice, London, St. Petersburg and Constantinople.

  • 1850

    Yarn shop

    In the second half of the 19th century, Messrs Lutter and Wechmar ran a yarn shop here.


  • 1898

    Woolen mill

    Until the middle of the 20th century, the Wechmar family ran a wool factory here.

  • 1950

    Knitting mill

    The building complex houses a smaller knitting factory, which was run by different owners until the political change in 1989.


  • 1990

    Founding Helmut Peterseim Strickwaren GmbH

    Helmut Peterseim founded the knitwear manufactory shortly after the political turnaround and continues a centuries-old heritage with the GmbH of the same name.

  • 2017

    Sale to ENS TEX

    In 2017, the young investor group ENS TEX bought the company from founder Helmut Peterseim and has since been carrying on the legacy of the exceptional entrepreneur. The family business has become a PURPOSE company that is committed to sustainability for a future worth living.


  • Now

    Sustainability & Digitalisation

    We are developing PETERSEIM STRICKWAREN into a sustainable company: “OLD ECONOMY of the 21st century”. This means that innovation, craftsmanship and regional supply chains are the basis of our company.

    Today, we produce in Mühlhausen for well-known brands for whom European production, short supply routes, small batch sizes and the responsible treatment of people and nature are important. Just as we do with our own brands GEORG MAIER and THE GUESTLIST .

    MADE IN GERMANY is not nostalgia for PETERSEIM STRICKWAREN, but an attitude to life and a business model to develop jobs and create added value for the city, the region and the country.

100 % Made in Germany



Knitting, making up & finishing

Packing & Shipping

Everything that leaves our factory is 100 percent manufactured at our Mühlhausen factory in Thuringia.

High quality & regional

Sustainable & innovative

Service oriented