THE GUESTLIST is a platform for creative people interested in exclusive style and sustainable production. It aims to create connections, promote initiatives and develop ethically made products with international style. The extremely exclusive and high-quality garments are made to the highest quality standards. For designers from all over the world, our knitwear manufactory is the exclusive production partner.


The Cashmere SPA is an initiative of THE GUESTLIST and enables customers of the participating partners to have their favourite pieces of wool reconditioned. After this procedure, which is carefully done by hand, the garment is as it was on the first day. This project involves experts, designers and producers who are interested in a sustainable circular economy.

As co-initiators of this project, we offer this service free of charge to our Georg Maier customers.

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SEAL Basalt Knitted Fabric

Intelligent textile products are a large growth market. We work closely with institutes, universities and research facilities on the development of new materials and textile products with additional functions for medicine, sports, automotive or the construction industry.

Through cooperation with various research and development partners, we have significantly expanded our know-how and integrated it into innovative products.

PETERSEIM Strickwaren GmbH has succeeded in processing a specific basalt yarn with conventional knitting technology into a knitted fabric that encloses construction elements lying below the water surface. In this way, foundations of bridges, wind turbines or other objects in the sea can be protected, cleaning and refurbishment cycles significantly extended and maintenance costs reduced to up to 40%.

The surface properties of basalt prevent algae growth and extend the possible residence time in the water. The raw material basalt thus offers a wide range of applications for the protection of maritime technologies and structures against natural influences. In combination with a drapable and elastic knitted construction, basalt can unfold its protective effect with its antibacterial, antimicrobial and high-strength properties, while at the same time protecting the environment by avoiding the use of synthetic materials. before. PETERSEIM Strickwaren GmbH received the InnovationAward at TechTextil 2017 for this textile-based solution SEAL.

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