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Georg Maier- Exklusive Strickwaren

Our own brand GEORG MAIER has stood for the highest quality knitwear for many years. Every garment is made to be a companion for life for our customers. Because our collections are not only chic and timeless, but also made of the finest wool and excellently crafted. A piece of nature and a piece of home that simply feels good and that you can enjoy for a long time.


Double face Superfein Merino

Markenplattform für Design und nachhaltige Textilproduktion

With The Guestlist, we have created a brand platform in 2019 that presents various designers, partners and role models in sustainable textile production. The core contents of this international brand are: Creativity, Curiosity, Circularity, Collaboration.

In our CASHMERE SPA we offer a closed circuit for high quality textiles: Lovers of fine woolen goods can have them professionally cared for and refurbished there. This way, the exclusive pieces stay beautiful longer and consumption becomes more sustainable.

On the online portal GUEST FOR CHANGE, we give international experts from the textile industry who, like us, implement sustainability in their supply chains and production a stage to tell their story and share their knowledge.

You are a designer or brand owner and are looking for a partner who manufactures high-quality knitwear in Germany and also takes care of the logistics?
We can take care of that for you. Write us an e-mail or give us a call.

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